Independence and Innovation

Today’s world of high performance buildings mandates the use of sophisticated building controls. There is no longer an option for new and retrofitted buildings. The most important ingredient in delivering the best control system is an established and respected team that can come to the table without the constraints placed on many contractors, who are usually captive dealers for a specific or proprietary brand of controls (Johnson Controls Metasys, Carrier i-Vu, Schneider Electric Andover Continuum, Siemens Apogee, etc) and typically locked into a single protocol (LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, N2, CCN, InFinet, P2, etc.). Being able to pick and choose among the best of the protocols and generic offerings to find the best fit for the project, without binding the building owner to one proprietary source for the controls for the life of the building, is a big win for the user.

Additionally, in recent years, Western Allied has furthered their commitment to building open control systems by being one of the first integrators in the nation to provide true simultaneous Multi-protocol LonWorks and BACnet systems without the use of gateways. This incredible innovation brings the best aspects of both LonWorks and BACnet into every system we build. No other integrator can demonstrate this level of openness and interoperability.

A Unique Leader

Western Allied is unique in the industry for many reasons, including:

  1.  Over 50 years experience in the HVAC industry (at the same address since 1960).
  2.  The highest retention rate of existing customers in the industry. We make and keep our clients by making sure customer support is always our highest priority.
  3.  A team that can provide a complete turnkey project, from concept through installation and continuing service and support.
  4.  You are never locked into the sequence of operation from somebody else’s building or from an engineer. With our experience we can insure that what’s delivered is what’s desired and required. We don’t rely on adapting other people’s “canned” programs.
  5.  We are independent and not aligned with any one specific manufacturer or protocol. We can provide any of the various open protocols and can support some of the legacy protocols as well.
  6.  We actively encourage and support the end-user in developing as much capability as they desire, including the ability to purchase and install systems themselves. The more prepared and involved the customer wishes to be, the better for all concerned. We will provide whatever level of training is desired.
  7.  Our ability to stay on the leading edge and adapt to the latest innovations. The Western Allied team is comprised of experts from all of the necessary areas: mechanical, electrical, computer science and computer engineering.
  8.  24 hour a day support, 7 days a week. Our typical response time on-site if required is 2 hours or less.

Why Choose Us.

Western Allied Corporation has been an industry leader in HVAC for over 60 years. Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Western Allied is owned and operated by the industry’s most highly trained and qualifed personnel. Our facilities include in-house sheet metal and piping fabrication as well as proficiencies in stainless steel, black iron, galvanized, copper, PVC and other piping systems. We have a long and successful history of direct digital control (DDC) installation and support. We were the first mechanical contractor to achieve LonWorks System Integrator status in Southern California.

Our mission is to foster a culture of knowledge, trust, and dependability within our company and implement those principles in our valued customer relationships. In addition, we strive to provide exceptional service through design, installation, and maintenance of HVAC systems.

Each of the partners at Western Allied is the head of a project team. Each team works with the company’s clients in order to see a project from inception to completion. This means that each team is responsible for; conceptual design, estimating, project management and project closeout and turnover. We feel that this structure is advantageous because it provides our clients with consistent points of contact throughout a project and ensures that an owner of Western Allied has direct involvement in and oversight of every project that the company is involved with.


We have been building HVAC systems for over 60 years. Nobody does it better.


Great technicians and by far the highest ratio of degreed engineers to field techs in the industry.


The leader in both generic and integrated LonWorks & BACnet controls in Southern California.


An art as much as it is a science. Proven engineering judgment produces value by expertly blending old with new.